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Turgor Pressure in Cannabis

May 26, 2019

  • Defining Turgor Pressure
  • Cannabis Plants “Praying”

Defining Turgor

Plants have efficient mechanisms in order to tolerate large changes in their environment including temperature, humidity, and salinity. One of these mechanisms is turgor pressure which is important for the growth and survival of plant cells (Zimmerman, 1978). Cannabis plants adjust their internal osmotic pressure, or the pressure created by water moving across a cell’s membrane due to osmosis, in response to salt or drought stress in varying degrees. This is because plant cells have a cell wall that maintain its rigidity by maintaining its pressure through the process of osmosis.

Turgor Pressure in Plants

Turgor pressure on plant cells diagram by Mariana Ruiz Villarreal at Wikimedia Commons (2007).

A sufficient level of turgor pressure is required by the plant to continue growing. Without sufficient turgor pressure within plant cells, plants will wilt (Cram, 1976). Turgor pressure helps keep a plant standing tall with its leaves outstretched to absorb as much light as possible. Also, turgor pressure can increase the rate of stomatal regulation or the opening and closing of stomata. Basically, turgor pressure deals with cell volume and overall leaf expansion and a higher turgor pressure is preferred (Dietrich & Keller, 1991).

Turgor Pressure in Young Cannabis

High turgor pressure in a young cannabis plant. Image by RMK.

Cannabis Plants “Praying”

Among cannabis growers the term “praying” referring to the cannabis plants gets bandied about, turgor pressure scientifically defines plant cell rigidity and why cannabis leaves appear to be “praying” towards the light. Cannabis leaves will expand outwards as much as possible when turgor pressure is high. This allows for the expansion of cannabis leaves allowing for more adequate sunlight. If you see your plants reaching towards the light and they appear healthy overall, then I would be saying hallelujah in rejoice.

“...the higher the turgor pressure is, the larger the leaf expansion will be.” -Dietrich & Keller. (3)

Turgor Pressure in Veg Cannabis

Cannabis plant “praying” in the veg room. Image by RMK.


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