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About Us

Growing cannabis residentially or in a commercial environment are completely different for several reasons whether its scale, organization, or equipment. Growing top quality cannabis requires a hands-on approach in many other aspects besides cultivation including troubleshooting equipment malfunctions, building out new grow facilities, or managing personnel effectively. Through experience, RMK seeks to research the best approach.

Having the right horticulture mindset is the foundation for any superb harvest. In a commercial setting, utilizing a team's strengths, recognizing weaknesses, implementing pest prevention, and adequately handling pest pressure are just some of the first measures that can be taken to improve a facility. In a residential setting, understanding every aspect of the grow from propagation to harvest is necessary while also being able to setup and troubleshoot equipment to be on the right track.

Contact Me

If you are a grower who would like to contribute your own growing articles, or if you have feedback or corrections about the RMK website, feel free to contact me or comment directly on article web pages.

The Vision

Grow Your Heart Out

RMK has been entrenched in Colorado indoor cannabis culture since 2015 exploring all sorts of cannabis growing methods and strives to produce some of the most potent and cleanest cannabis buds, with a wide array of genetics from across the globe.

The Mission

RMK was founded in late 2018 by grower David "Roll" as a personal online cannabis cultivation blog and grow log presenting both indoor and occasionally outdoor cannabis grow results in a more presentable fashion than previously experienced online.