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Recharging Boveda Packs

May 02, 2019

  • Humidity Control Products
  • Recharging Bovedas

Humidity control products are great for the aid of curing and storing cannabis by adjusting and maintaining the relative humidity within a container. It is important to control the humidity of cannabis for curing and storing because too much humidity can cause mold growth while low humidity can result in dry cannabis that is harsh when smoked. As humidity control packs are used they harden over time and become unusable. Both Integra Boost and Boveda recommend replacing these packs when this happens, but Boveda packs can be recharged so that they can be reused.

Humidity Control Products

There are two popular humidity control products used for cannabis: Integra Boost and Boveda. Integra Boost products are offered in 4-gram, 8-gram, and 67-gram sizes at both 55% and 62% relative humidity. Boveda products are offered in 4-gram, 8-gram, 67-gram, and 320-gram sizes at both 58% and 62% relative humidity. The price for four Integra Boost 67-gram packs is approximately $16.00 without shipping while four Boveda 67-gram packs cost approximately $19.99. Boveda packs have been tried and proven to be able to be reusable after recharging while it is largely unknown if Integra Boost products can be recharged or reused. Since Boveda packs can be reused (even though this is not stated on the Boveda website) they are much more cost-effective in the long-term.

The choice between the various relative humidity control packs comes down to the personal preference of the consumer of cannabis. The only difference between the various products is that they regulate the relative humidity to different settings depending on which products you choose. It is very important that you do not mix humidity control products and the different types in the same container as it reduces the efficiency of the relative humidity control.

Even though the minimum recommendations are:

  • 4-gram packs are used for ~14g of cannabis.
  • 8-gram packs are used for ~28g of cannabis.
  • 67-gram packs are used for ~450g of cannabis.
  • 320-gram packs are used for ~2.25kg of cannabis or ~5lbs.

You should use more humidity control products than is required especially in more extreme climates. This will allow them to last longer without having to replace them as frequently. The longer they are exposed to air the shorter they will last. Boveda has a 2-year shelf life in its original packaging, while Integra Boost does not make any claims to the shelf life of their products. If you no longer have the original package, you should use an airtight container to preserve them. When the Boveda product is solid it is no longer working. Crystallization and hardening occurs over the course of an average of 2-6 months if used according to guidelines. Integra Boost products come with an indicator switching between blue and pink colors depending on if they are expired or hardened. At this point it is no longer regulating relative humidity. When Boveda packs have hardened it is time to recharge them.

Recharging Bovedas

Boveda does not make any mention of recharging boveda packs on their website. Despite this fact, it is possible to recharge boveda packs making them reusable. Do not throw away Boveda packs after they harden, instead you should attempt to recharge them.

Dry Boveda Packs

Picture of hardened boveda packs in need of recharge. Image taken by RMK.

You can tell when it is time to recharge your boveda pack when they have mostly hardened. You can recharge the boveda packs by soaking them in filtered water for several days. The typical duration for recharging bovedas is between 1-3 days, but it can take up to 7 days in extreme cases or depending on the size of the boveda pack. You can tell the boveda pack is recharged when it is soft again. Allow the outer layer of the Boveda pack to dry before reusing it.

Recharging Boveda Packs

Picture of recharging boveda packs. Image taken by RMK.


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